The "Five Cs" of a Digital Marketing Strategy

To understand how the pieces of a digital marketing strategy fit together, the components are organized into a framework called the Five Cs. 

They are:

  1. Company strategy.
  2. Customer experience.
  3. Content creation.
  4. Channel promotions.
  5. Check-back analysis.

Working with the Five Cs framework helps you cover all the bases as you create your digital marketing strategy and implement your plan.

1. Determine the Company Strategy

The first C is Company strategy. 

To create a digital marketing strategy, you need to begin by looking at your company’s business goals. 

The question to ask yourself and your team is, “What do we want the company to achieve and how do we make it happen?

You should direct your attention to your goals and business case for undertaking this effort.

  • Create a digital marketing strategy. 
  • Get your customers’ attention.
  • Understand your business model and your brand.
  • Decide which marketing campaign to create.
  • Develop the strongest offers.
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2. Uncover the Customer Experience

You need to learn what your prospects will think, feel, and do when interacting with your brand. 

The question for your marketing team to ask is, “Who are our prospects and how will we serve them as customers?” 

You must define your audience and analyze the customer experience.

You do this with the following:

  • Collect and analyze customer data.
  • Create personas
  • Develop the buyer journey
  • Assist with sales enablement
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3. Create Quality Content

The third C is content creation, You need to focus on creating quality content (based on your story) that you know your customers want  and need. The question to ask is, “How will we create quality content, who will do it, and what will that content be?”
You need to develop a strategy for content, define your messaging, and establish your systems and governance rules:

  • Create a content strategy. 
  • Develop content types. 
  • Know what your customers want. 
  • Write and story tell. 
  • Create processes and systems. 
  • Target content for each audience.
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4. Develop Channel Promotions

The fourth C is channel promotion. To have your content make the greatest impact, you want to decide where and by whom your content will be distributed. The question to ask is, “How will our prospects and customers find our content so that they can choose us?”
You want to make your content easy to find and share. You need to know how to promote your content so that prospects can find it.

  • Use paid, earned, shared, and owned media for maximum reach. 
  • Use search marketing. Although search marketing is constantly changing,
  • you can’t ignore its value. 
  • Create sharable content. Sharing is key to any content plan. 
  • Add an email marketing campaign. 
check back analysis

5. Deploy Check-Back Analysis

The fifth C is check-back analysis. 

The focus here is on the metrics you choose to determine successes or failure. 

The question to ask is, “Have we met our goals?

You want to re-evaluate your plans and make revisions as necessary:

  • Reassess your business model and brand value. You know that it’s important to frequently assess how things are working. Find out how you can determine whether business model changes are warranted and whether you need to revise brand plans.
  • Reexamine your content marketing strategy. Obviously, a determination of how well your content marketing strategy is working is essential. See why even failing is a springboard to success.
  • Measure success. If you’re tracking key accounts you need to reassess your goals for each one. See what you need to do.
  • Track metrics. It’s helpful to gauge potential new opportunities as you track your metrics.
  • Optimize campaigns for return on investment (ROI). 
  • Using split testing and analyzing the speed of your pages is key to optimizing your campaigns.

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